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ABLOY® Excellence in Complete Solutions (1,99 MB)
An overview of locking solutions and the product range of ABLOY®.

  ABLOY® Master Key System Design Guide (2,3 MB)
A careful design of master keying forms the basis of key control. The more expertise is used for master keying design, the easier will be key control, the use of the keys, and the minimisation of security risks.

The general guide lines of planning ABLOY locking system are explained in this guide.


ABLOY® Arhitectural Hardware (2012, size 3,18 MB)


ABLOY® Arhitectural Hardware (2009, size 1,19 MB)

Door handles, pull handles, escutcheons for lock cases, etc.


ABLOY® Door Pulls (2,37 MB)






ABLOY® Key Deposits (459 kB)

ABLOY key deposits are used for storing route keys to apartment complexes, office buildings and factories.

ABLOY® Door Automatics (826 kB)
Easy access for all types of swing doors.
ABLOY® Fire Door Closing Systems (975 kB)
They guarantee easy access and convenience for use in the day time as well as maximum security in the event of fire.
ABLOY® door closers
Door closers protect door constructions by controlling the opening and closing actions of the door.
ABLOY® electromechanical lock cases
ABLOY® cam and cabinet locks

ABLOY® padlocks 
Padlocks provide effective protection against cutting, drilling, sawing, twisting or shimming.

The range of ABLOY® padlocks have gained worldwide recognition for their strength and durability.

A locking solution in which the components are extremely well protected to ensure operation in all conditions.

ABLOY® rim locks
ABLOY® High Security Industrial Locks (932 kB)
Electromechanical industrial locks feature advanced high security solutions that offer increased security over conventional locking applications.
ABLOY® EXIT (330 kB)
For safe exits.




ABLOY® Control+ (1,48 MB)
Home central locking. Wireless central opening and closing - up to 16 doors.
  ABLOY® Mechanical Lock Cases (4,32 MB)
Technical descriptions about ABLOY lock cases.




ASSA Mini Catalogue 2007 (24,7 MB)
ASSA is a leading supplier of lock and security solutions for professional customers.


iLOQ Privus - The Key to Security (356 kB)

Unique, award winning technology with self-powered lock cylinders harvesting energy from the movement of the key insertion. There is no need for expensive cablework or inconvenient batteries - simply replace the existing cylinder with the iLOQ cylinder.
iLOQ S10 (653 kB)
iLOQ S10 is the ideal security choice for office buildings, public spaces, housing properties and industrial sites.





AMIG General Catalogue 2011 (39,9 MB)
AMIG General Catalogue 2010 (30,1 MB)
Builders' hardware and fittings.
Keya Cam Locks Catalogue (1,84 MB)
Keya Deposit Locks Catalogue (1,63 MB)
Keya Switches Catalogue (1,27 MB)
Talleres ABSA - KEYA has locking experience from 1965.

ABUS Pfaffenhain Complete Assortment 2010 (21,6 MB)
ABUS Pfaffenhain GmbH is the specialist for the planning and realization of highclass locking systems.

Tesa Cylinder Catalogue (3,63 MB)
Tesa complete cylinder range is the result of important research and investments made and developed in their factory. Tesa has over 60 years of experience in this industry.


Tesa Lock Cases For Narrow Stile Doors Catalogue (1,64 MB)
Wide range of lock cases for metallic doors.




IBFM accessories for gates (997 KB)
IBFM products for steel works (612 KB)
IBFM products for wood carpenters (493 KB)
Posters illustrate the product range of IBFM.

AGB Product Catalogue 2011 (10,5 MB)
AGB System of Fittings for Shutters (1,87 MB)

Santos General Catalogue (3,97 MB)
The range of products includes Security Locks for doors, High Precision Cylinders for locks and Padlocks.



SECUREMME General Catalogue (17,8 MB)
Security locks and accessories for doors.



Yale Safes (818 KB) 
Yale protects millions of homes and businesses worldwide.






JMA Keys Catalogue 2010 (17,14 MB)
Featuring the various models JMA produces and sells on different markets.

JMA Transponder Catalogue 2010 (11,67 MB)
A unique and comprehensive guide for identifying transponders by make, model, year and profile.
JMA Accessories Catalogue (6,29 MB)
Snap-rings, key holders, key rings, chains, label holders, cases, key-boxes, displays, hooks, illuminated signs, boxes for sorting and storing keys.

 eff_eff_logo Electric Strikes for Standard Applications (6,54 MB) 
eff eff means: electromechanical solutions for the professional user.



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