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DOOR CLOSER ABLOY DC335 BC SILVER, EN 3-5, 100kg, 1250mm

DOOR CLOSER ABLOY DC335 BC SILVER, EN 3-5, 100kg, 1250mm
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Abloy Rack & Pinion door closer


Product description


DC335 door closer can be used with height-adjustable standard arm. Suitable for external and internal doors.





Overview of Advantages


  • CE certified with standard arm
  • Adjustable closing force size EN 3-5 with standard arm according EN 1154
  • Back check (BC) as a standard feature • Operating temperature range: -35°C...+45°C
  • Adjustable latching and back check starting angle by grooved spindle
  • Easy adjustment of arm height (14 mm)
  • Two pressure relief valves to protect against overload
  • Maximum door weight 100 kg and door width 1250 mm
  • Easy to install




  • DC335 variable adjustable closing force EN 3-5 Door width up to 1250mm
  • Fire and smoke protection Yes
  • Door swing directions Left/right handed
  • Mounting method
  • Standard installation, hinge side and frame installation, non-hinge side
  • Closing speed Variable between 180°-15°
  • Latching speed Variable between 15°-0°
  • Backcheck Variable above 75°
  • Opening angle, hinge side ca. 180°
  • Opening angle, non-hinge side 120°-180°
  • Door closer weight 1.8kg


Further information

NB! Arm for door closer, buy from related products.



Video about Abloy door closer DC335 working principle:





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