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Digital door viewer

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Do you know who is sneaking behind your door?




Not every visitor behind your door is welcome. You can often have door-to-door salesmen, community activists or people whose intentions are not good at your door. Install a digital door peephole to safely find out who is at your door!



With a digital door eye viewer, the person standing outside behind your door cannot see what is happening inside or whether anybody is monitoring him/her or not from inside. 


digitaalne uksesilm


In the large selection of digital door eye viewers, the ones that allow capturing the image of someone who is standing outside your door are the safest. Digital door eye viewer is easy to install and use.  Even children and people wearing eyeglasses can use the device without any problems. As the screen is large enough, both, tall and short people can easily see the image. When a child sees a stranger on the screen, he/she is less likely to open the door to the stranger. 


digitaalne uksesilm

The digital door eye viewer automatically saves the image of every visitor.  When the visitor pushes the doorbell button on the device, the camera automatically captures a photo of the visitor. This way you can see later who wanted to visit you.

These images also provide useful evidence to the police. When you hear that someone tries your door handle or makes strange noise behind your door, you can quietly go to the door and take a picture of the uninvited guest. This kind of images will help the police track down the real thieves and people who steal randomly when the door happens to be open.


The images are saved to the memory card (not included) and later you can easily copy them to your computer. Without a memory card, the device can save up to 50 images. Digital door eye viewer can be easily installed in the place of the existing door peephole.   




Do not open the door to strangers. Digital door eye viewer makes your home more secure.





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