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Vonk EV, Type 2 SOCKET and SCREEN up to 22 kW

Vonk EV, Type 2 SOCKET and SCREEN up to 22 kW

Vonk EV, Type 2 SOCKET and SCREEN up to 22 kW
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1 or 3-phase Vonk EV wall/post charger with Type 2 socket. The 2.8" LCD screen shows the phase voltage, current charging power, charged kWh volume, and charging time during the charging process.


Remote control and smart charging through various options: Ethernet (LAN) or WiFi. Load balancing support. Automatic recovery after a minor error. Possibility to use RFID card. Easy to configure OCPP-enabled charging network if needed. Web application management possibility.


The maximum charging capacity of the charger can be set as required or the capacity of the main fuse. The charger is also equipped with leakage current and overvoltage protection and has protection class IP55.


  • Circuit breaker: 10 to 32 A
  • Charging: 3 to 22 kW
  • Power supply: 1 or 3-phase (230 V / 400 V)
  • Certified: UL, CE, TUV
  • Screen: 2,8" LCD
  • Degree of protection: IP55
  • Housing material: plastic
  • Controller: OCPP 1.6
  • Meter: included
  • Type 2 socket: 1pc
  • Installation cable type (Cu): 3 × 2.5 - 6mm2
  • Charger mounting type: wall or post
  • Depth: 146mm
  • Width: 269mm
  • Height: 360mm
  • Weight: 4.6kg

Further information



Standard installation takes 2-3 hours.


During installation, an on-site electrical test is performed to measure the phase load to set the charger to the maximum allowable charging capacity. If necessary, a load relay is added in front of the charger, which ensures that the charger charges the car according to the capacity of the household and does not interfere with daily life.


Our electrician performs the necessary work on the electrical panel (installs the necessary fuses) and installs the charger in the desired location. According to the order, the data connection of the charger is activated and the Vonk EV management system of the charger is set up.


After the installation of the charger, the customer is introduced to its main functions and daily use, and a handover-acceptance report is drawn up for both the device and the installation work.


Contact us at zero@vonktech.com for an exact installation quote.


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