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Safe – a reliable covert for your home valuables

It is often thought that thefts happen to others, and thieves are believed to be strangers.

In fact, most of the damages are caused by children and other acquaintances. Valuable things, which are left lying around, may disappear without notice.


Is your property in a safe place? Our daily life requires more and more tangible assets, which are in need of protection. 


Protect your property valuables carefully!


How to protect your property?

One of the easiest way is to lock your whenever valuable things into a safe. The safe is a strong metal box which is protected by a lock. Safes are attached to a firm location and carrying it away is made impossible. 


Buying the safe into your home or office is a wise investment. Especially for those who own valuable assets and documents which are easy to carry from one place to other.


Safe box or safe?

Choosing between safe and safe box, you must first think for what it is needed. You might also consider the needs of growth and appropriate price. Safe box do not have a burglary class certification. On the contrary, safe does.


Safe box and safe can be distinguished by weight also. In most cases, the proper safe weights a lot and is anchored to the floor. The safe is locked on four sides, while safe box is locked on one side. Safe’s locking mechanism is deep inside the door, so the keys are more than 13 cm in length. In order to open the door, thief has to get enough time, skills, and special tools.


To lock the safes, you can use key lock, mechanical or electronic code lock. For a greater protection, you can use two locks at the same time.


What to keep in the safe?

In your safe you can keep different items, which have any material, or emotional value. For example, jewellery, coin collections, keys, watches, documents and cash are suitable to keep in the safe. You can also keep there some electronic devices, such as laptop and video camera. 


How to choose a suitable safe?

There are many types of safes. For the best protection, you should acquire it according to your needs. Hereby, we can speak widely about safe’s peculiarities, construction, breaking resistance, and fire protection. There are plenty of information about that in Internet. However, two main criteria are value of assets in euros, and need for fire resistance.

If your assets do not have higher value than 500, and must be protected from rapid theft, you should use simple safe boxes. But if you store more valuable things, such as a large amount of cash, you should think about certified safes. Those kinds of safes are equipped with a good lock and have special protection against drilling. According to its security class, quality safes are usually equipped with theft insurance.

Your property can be protected from the fire, also. There are different types of fire-resistant safes. According to the fire protection class, the content of the safe will be protected from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Acquiring this type of safe, you should take into consideration its location.

It is reasonable to analyse how many combustible materials are surrounding the safe. In addition, you should know how far is nearest fire brigade. If you are living in the rural area, your safe should have a higher fire-resistance than those, which are held in city apartment.



You should remember that during the fire the temperature reaches 100 degrees. In this case, documents are safe, but high temperature ruins floppy disks and film negatives. Because of that, you should also buy a separate databox. Media storage locker, or datasafe, is much cheaper than the safe, but gives a full protection against 1000 degrees.


Whatever you choose, the most important thing is that the safe is properly fastened. Each safe has got the anchor bolts, which fasten the safe properly to a solid surface.



Where to install the safe?

Safe must fit whenever you are planning to install it. That is why safes outer dimensions are important. If you have got a plenty of room, you should choose safe according to its internal dimensions. Safes internal dimensions are important because the items, which you are planning to keep in the safe, must fit into.


In addition, while choosing the right place for the safe, you should take into consideration the ease of use and strange glances. Safe is an object, which is often in use, so there is no point to install it somewhere uncomfortable.  Otherwise, valuable items may remain neglected. For example, jewellery, which is kept in a drawer, is in a danger of disappearing. It is also true about home electronics and photographic equipment.


The location of the safe must be protected from the eyes of strangers. For example, in a situation where the workman comes to get the salary, a visible safe reveals one of the main security requirements – secrecy. The workman could not be the danger, but while chatting with the other, the information may reach the wrong ears. When a thief knows what to expect, he is much more prepared for the theft.


The weakest link

Security of your property depends on the weakest link in the chain. Do not leave you safe keys in a place where they are easy to find. Exchange your code lock from time to time. Do not use easily assumed numbers, such as a date of birth, a straight line – 1234, 2580, 0000 or a game of corners  – 1397. Those are easily guessed. You should also take into account that with time, selecting the code leaves a mark on the code panel.


Theft could also be committed by your acquaintances. Thieves may be your children as well as their friends. You can never be sure who are at your home with your children, and what they are doing. 100 euros lying on the cabinet, or in a drawer, could be an easy catch for a youngster who might not have planned the theft. 


Insurance for your lifetime

If you buy a safe once, you can use it for a lifetime. There are some 100-year-old safesafes, which are still in use.  Those don’t always have the high security and fire protection. Nevertheless, they are suitable and have an exclusive design. 


Safes price reflects its purpose. The more expensive the safe is the better are the security and fire protection. If you currently lack the funds to obtain a safe with higher security, you should buy something simpler. You should certainly examine that your safe meets the current needs and usability. If your needs are growing and funds are increasing, you can always buy another, more secure safe.


While you have two safes, you can place your rarely used items into more secure safe. Things, which are often in use, could be placed into simpler and more comfortable safe.



Every day, people who are theft victims, come to us with their problem. Most of the valuable items are associated with emotions, and the damage cannot be restored.  Late wisdom does not bring back precious things. That is why we recommend you to take action before it is too late.



Do not push your confidence in tomorrow, act now!





Kaido Sõmer

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