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Construction of the walls and doors



Resistant lock has an important part of outbuildings’ protection, but there are still some important aspects you have to look at. If the burglars can enter the building through a weak wall or door, they will use this opportunity, and then there is no use of the lock.


In many occasions, broken doors are old and made of cardboard or plywood. Holding your valuables behind such kind of doors, you have to be ready for an appalling sight of broken door and empty room. 


Of course, securing the door requires financial outlays. You should think it this way – losing your valuable things, and a bunch of nerve cells, is a bigger loss.


However, securing the door is still not enough. Poor constructions of the wall give burglars an opportunity to enter the building through the weakest place in the wall.


Do not let uninvited guests near your valuables – besides reliable lock you should secure your outbuildings’ doors and walls. 


Secure door

We do not recommend you to install any expensive lock on the door, which is old and made of poor quality material.  Strengthen the outbuilding ant its constructions so that they would provide the sufficient protection against burglary. You should make an outer surface of the door especially strong, and where necessary, add the thickness.

Door hinges


Look over your door’s hinges – are they secure enough? Make sure anyone cannot lift the closed door off its hinges. People often use the hinges that are installed on the door surface with screws. However, those are easy to screw off and that makes opening the door quite simple.



In order to avoid this, attach the battens on the top of the door. That way the door will not move upwards while being in closed position. At least one screw of the hinge should be replaced by 5 mm nuts and bolts that cannot be removed from the outside.  


The door should enter the doorjamb smoothly and the seals cannot be too tight. Otherwise, the door needs an additional pressure, which makes the locking deadbolt too tight. Such a force while pushing the door may cause some troubles in locking mechanisms. Mainly because of the door and the lock are worn out


Security pins of hinge side

If the outbuilding’s door opens outward and the hinges are accessible, you should install some security stud pins on the hinge side of the door.  These are steel studs, which are drilled in the door, or firmly fixed on the inner surface of the door. While closing the door, the end of the protruding brad enters the slot in the doorpost. If the brads are invisible from the outside, the door is properly secured from the side of the hinges. 






Construction of the walls

The biggest problem of the outbuildings is their weak construction. For example, if you are keeping bicycles, a lawn mower, and any expensive tools there, you should secure the walls according to the value of the property. You should also attach your valuable facilities to a solid construction. We suggest you to do it with a padlock and a hardened chain, and also do not forget to do it daily.


Start with the most vulnerable spot: replace any damaged or rotten areas with new sections. Make sure that the burglar cannot enter the building from the sunroof, and in case of need, make it more resistant to burglary.  


Box for valuables 

If the construction side of the building is too weak, build a lockable box or a cage for storing your valuables. It should be strong enough, and attached to the constructions of the building. We recommend you to use locks, which lock themselves automatically while closing the door.


The most important is that the box is easy to use. Moving the valuables should be as comfortable as possible. Otherwise, you leave your valuable thing lying around, and then there is no point of the box.

If you are not able to build it yourself, you can use any existing iron box. Again, we suggest you to use self-locking lock.



Do not forget to close the door! It may sound logical, but the statistics confirm that a large part of the burglaries are committed due to the opened doors. All the security you are using will be useless, if you left the door unlocked



Lock-Expert recommends:


- Security pin

- Rim lock

- Padlock




Kaido Sõmer

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