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Protect your outhouses - choose a safe lock

While you are sleeping peacefully at home, thieves may be breaking into your garage or shed.


Usually people put emphasis on their house safety, but securing the property in outhouses is neglected. In order to avoid problems with thieves and police, you should start acting immediately.


Look over your outhouses’ locks, and if necessary, replace the old ones with new and more secure ones.


On our experience, people do not often want to spend a lot of money on outbuildings’ locks. They attempt to cope with cheaper solutions. In fact, you should spend on the lock at least 20 % of the cost of the protected valuables. Valuables mean everything which offers a thief some interest.


Secret lock and rim lock


A secret lock provides the most effective protection. It is invisible from the outside, and locks the door from an unknown source – at least for a burglar. You have to devise it by yourself, and construct it with your own tools.


A Rim lock is attached to the inside surface of the door, and it is easy to install.  When the lock is self-locking, it is easier to ensure that the door is always closed. 




When locking the shed, it is often used any kind of padlocks. Those are easy to use, and usually, padlocks are cheap. However, those cheap locks can be quite weak. Mainly because the lock body and shackle are weak and the keys are quite small.


It is quite a misunderstanding that a large lock is a secure lock. Mostly, those big locks are made of soft metal, and do not provide good protection against burglary. You should check if the lock handle is tempered, and the mortise lock is made of brass or steel – then we can talk about whether the big lock is a secure lock.

Abloy's padlock

When it comes to manufacturing the padlock, Abloy is a class of its own. Abloy padlocks are known for their reliability, longevity, and the most important, for their weather resistance qualities.


During the winter period, Abloy padlocks have a big advantage – frost resistance. Cheap locks can freeze easily in winter. The risk is that the key cannot be entered into the lock cylinder and the lock does not work correctly.However, you can trust Abloy padlocks. There is no way you cannot get inside the house. 




How to choose a padlock

While selecting a padlock, you should keep in mind what kind of values it is going to protect. If you are using a cheap Chinese lock, everyone can break it off. We suggest a decent 3-5 grade Abloy padlock, so that every thief will walk back home.


However, a decent padlock does not give enough protection. You have to choose the right kind of padlock hasps, based on the security class. The cheaper the padlock is, the easier it is to break the hasps.


Mostly, those cheap padlock hasps are made of sheet iron, which are easy to break with a lever, or cut through with a forceps. Sometimes the padlock hasp has even visible screws.  


We suggest you to use decent padlock hasps, which partially hide the lock. That kind of hasp, which is fastened through the door by round head bolts, gives a better protection against burglary.


Fasten your valuable facilities

You can attach your valuable facilities to a solid construction. For this, you should use the padlock and a hardened chain. You can find those in any length and diameter. The thicker the chain, the more resistant it is to breaking and cutting.   


If you are keeping your bicycles, motorcycles, or scooters in the shed, you should always lock them. 


Pay attention to the kids

Do you know those well-known movie tricks, when a burglar opens the door with a hairpin or a paper clip? Well, it is actually possible. If the padlock is small, it has less locking disks. If there are few locking elements, it is easier to crack the lock. 


Lock picking does not leave visible traces. Therefore, it is possible to accomplish the theft, which remains unnoticed for a while. In this case, traces may be gone, and police are not able to detect the theft.


You should always check that you have all the keys you bought with the padlock. If any key is missing, and you have a cheap lock, we recommend you to change it. An expensive lock can also be rekeyed to the new keys. Keep your keys carefully, as they can easily be copied.


If you are looking for a higher level of security, you should use a padlock with any Abloy Novel’s or Protec’s key. You will get a

key card, so that you are the only one who can make additional keys. That way you can ensure you have the control over the existing keys, and no one can copy them.


Many thefts are committed because of opened doors. Always check that the door is closed and locked!

Look over your locks vulnerabilities and start improving them step-by-step!


Lock-Expert recommends:

 - Padlock Abloy 340 või Abloy 341
 - Lower price padlocks
 - Padlock IBFM 99 60 mm
 - Padlock hasps Abloy PL201 ja PL202

 - Rim lock Santos 265





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