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How to choose a lock

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How to choose a lock?



Buying a lock is a long-term investment into security. People often buy a lock in haste and looking at wrong properties.


The purchase decision is most commonly affected by the price: people often choose a lock by price and not by safety or quality level. The second important feature seems to be the appearance of the lock and only after that security is taken into consideration. The last properties to consider are functionality and the ease of use.


Just contrary to the usual order of selecting a lock, the first thing to consider should be functionality and the ease of use and after that security. Price should be the last thing to affect your purchase decision.


Please remember, the purpose of a lock is to protect your property! Cheap and low quality locks cannot ensure your security! 

abloy lc200



Important things to consider when choosing a lock:


Lukukorpus lc210

1. Functionality and ease of use


When choosing a lock, you should know what you need the lock for, who will use it and how they could use it without bigger problems. 


Entrance doors should have locks with a reinforced structure that can endure high usage load and has long service life. In addition to the reinforced structure, this lock should be easily opened from the inside to enable quick exit from the building in case of an emergency situation.  


Entrance door of a flat or a private house should have a security lock. This can be a multifunctional lock - user lock and security lock in one – or you can use separate locks instead. For entrance doors, security is very important but they also have to be easy to use.  To ensure high security level of your home door, use a lock with a fixable internal unlocking function. This allows you to open the door without a key from the inside while at home, but makes it difficult for the thief who entered through a window to escape through the door.  



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Interior door locks have first of all restrictive function.  Lock has to keep the door closed in order to avoid drafts or prevent other people entering the room (for example, WC-doors). These kinds of locks do not need all the functions that entrance door locks have. Interior door locks normally have a simple construction and are available for a lower price.



2. Security


The main purpose of a lock is to keep the door securely and firmly locked. Interior doors do not require high security, because their construction is light and it is the third locking after the staircase and flat doors.

Entrance doors of apartments or private homes should meet the highest level of locking security. This door leads to a private space which needs to be protected against strangers and uninvited visitors. 


3. Appearance or design 



After you have checked the first two points carefully, you can focus on how the lock looks. Do you have any special requirements in terms of design? Do you prefer a futuristic door handle or an antique one? Does the handle need to be yellow, shiny metallic or matt instead?


Lock should match the design of the door. Exclusive and special design adds value to the door.


4. Price


The last thing to consider is the price. Standard solutions are always more economical than custom solutions. Locks that are produced and sold in large quantities have usually better price. Manufacturers often organise promotional campaigns for such locks.


Custom solutions and design usually make the locks pricy. If the functionality you need adds too much to the price then ask for a more economical solution. Sometimes, replacements are possible. Price should not be the reason to compromise on the ease of use and design.



Public facilities



For the entrance door of a staircase or office building, security is of secondary importance: here functionality and easy and quick exit from the building (evacuation conditions) are more essential.


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Shops should have security locks or multifunctional user and security locks installed on their entrance doors. This kind of door needs to be always open during the day and securely locked at night. 


The daily use can be solved with a security lock with deadbolt locked into the case. 


Another solution is a user lock which has a latch that can be locked into the case during the day and then released in the evening (the door can be opened from inside with the help of a turning knob, so the last shop visitors could leave).


For entrance doors with high user-load (office buildings, apartment buildings, hotels, shops, etc.) we do not recommend a lock that is opened with a handle. The handle wears out quickly and needs to be replaced very soon. The more suitable lock for these doors is a lock that stays open during the day or can be opened electrically. 


In places where high security level is not needed, you do not have to spend a fortune on a lock.




Think in the following order when choosing a lock:

  • Functionality
  • Ease of use
  • Security
  • Look or design
  • Price





We recommend you the best solution, You make the choice! 






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