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Storehouse and garage

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Look your storehouse or garage securely

People usually keep many valuable items or goods in storehouses and garages. Unfortunately, old doors and worn-out locks do not provide sufficient protection for these. Doors that are not secure attract burglars who can easily break into your garage or storehouse.


There is a new lock in the market to provide a better protection to your facilities.


This lock is actually intended for locking vans but it also suits perfectly to bigger storehouses and garages. 

garage and storehouse


The padlock set includes lock loops that are fixed through the door with bolts. The lock also features a strong steel construction, big locking surface and long fixing bolts that ensure the high security of lock loops.


Thanks to the special design of the lock, access to the locking element is protected by lock case. The key hole is small and stays close to the door surface. When the lock is in locked position, it takes an enormous effort to cut it with a power cutter or drill it open.  



To avoid freezing in wintertime, we recommend installing a rain cover that keeps snow and rain from falling directly on the lock and fixing loops. Lubricate your lock with light lock oil three or four times during winter. 



Be one step ahead of a burglar and protect your property with a proper lock! 




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