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Truck burglary

Author: Luku Expert


Does breaking into your truck put your valuable
equipment in danger?




Despite the great values that trucks are carrying, the owners are not used to think about risks that are associated with it. The goods, valuable equipment and interior may all be of interest to thieves. Trucks are usually victims to an attack at nights, but it can also happen during the day when the truck is parked in a place that is out of sight.



How to protect trucks against breaking in?

Kaubikusse sissemurdmine

1. First inspect the doors and windows of the truck.


Make sure that the doors and windows always closed properly. Also make sure that the doors and windows do not have any damages that could easily be used to enter the truck.


2. Remove the pins of the truck's locking system.


Today, most cars are fitted with a remote control, and a mechanical key is no longer used for opening and closing doors.

You should first remove the pins from the backs of the locks that guide door locks when a key is turned. The pins of the remote control that function through the central locking system will remain operational. That way, you can prevent breaking in through the means of breaking door locks. Make sure that the cargo space is unlocked with a separate button. This prevents speed theft, which may be committed at an intersection or simply while being parked at a parking lot.


3. Cover side and rear windows with safety film.


Use tinted safety film at the rear of the truck to reduce visibility. You can choose from a variety of tinting degrees - strongest of these protect the glass from falling apart after it has broken. Such broken glass is still very difficult to break through, and it takes a long time to make even the smallest of openings in the glass.

The safety film helps to prevent speed theft through the means of breaking side and rear windows.


4. Protect the glass section of the truck's cargo area from the inside with a mesh.


Strong mesh bars that are attached to the window frame on the inside help to prevent breaking in through the means of breaking the window seal.



sterling van lock

5. Use an additional lock for locking the doors to the cargo area when parking and at night.


The additional lock will prevent breaking in with a crowbar. The buckle-loops of an additional lock are made of thick and strong steel, and the lock itself covers the structure of the buckle-loops.

The key area is small and is located close to the door surface, which makes picking the lock significantly harder.




We do not recommend keeping the doors locked while the truck is moving, particularly in wet road conditions, because water and mud may damage the locking mechanism. Maintain the lock constantly by cleaning off any dust and dirt. Use oil to wash off dirt and oil the locking mechanism - this prevents the lock cylinder from freezing in winter cold.


 Sterling van lock
Tabalukk Abloy

6. Use a proper padlock to lock the truck's doors.


A good padlock has a reinforced handle and a strong metal housing. When it comes to trucks, it is important to keep the doors locked while moving, so as to prevent theft while stopping temporarily or parking at parking lots. Because this type of lock is constantly under the influence of moisture, mud and cold, you should use the Abloy Protec2 padlock, which is moisture-proof and has a mud and dust protection.  This lock will endure harsher weather conditions. Watch a video about the lock here!



Don't leave your property up to fate! The interior of the trucks or goods in it may have a painful kickback to your business activity when stolen.



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