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How to find a good tenant?


Initially chosen tenants may seem nice and responsible to you. Such opinion may change at the moment the due date of the rental payment has passed but there is no sign of the rent.

Finding the right tenant is a long and complicated process. If you wish to keep the leased property in the same condition as at the moment of renting it out, think carefully before making your choice. By making a background study, you can avoid surprising moments later, when it appears that the tenants are actually perpetual debtors.

The study can be carried out by means of easy channels, such as Facebook, Google and real estate forums. You can find information about the company where the candidate tenant works from different business forums and forums providing debt-related information. Conduct a background study also of the partner with who the tenant wants to rent the property. You will find the upset real estate owners or sad customers, who have been cheated, with very little effort from forums and search engines.


However, if it stills happen that the tenant who at first seemed excellent does not pay rent properly and refuses to move out of the apartment, be smart. If you have concluded a proper tenancy agreement, you can rely on it as soon as the problems arise.
Inform the tenant of the problem by pointing out the clauses of the agreement, which state when and how much the tenant should pay rent. If the tenant does not agree to pay by the next agreed due date, contact the police.


When the problematic tenant has left the leased premises, the first thing you should do is change the locks. So the tenant cannot enter the leased premises with his/her own key without you knowing it. In addition to the main door, check also all other doors and locks. You should do the same with the doors of outbuildings, corridor doors and other entrances, which make it possible to enter the building and damage you.


If it is important to you that the tenant could not make copies of the keys used by him, without you knowing it, we suggest that you acquire keys that are secured with a security card. This makes your keys considerably safer - it is not possible to make an extra key at the locksmith’s workshop without the key security card.The number of extra keys made is marked on the key card.
After the problematic tenant has left, you do not need to worry whether s/he has made secretly any extra key.

You can avoid tick-tenants, damage to the property and theft by choosing the tenants carefully and thoroughly by obtaining already earlier secure locks and keys and being aware of potential risks. Secure lock systems give you the feeling of security and help prevent problematic situations.

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