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Maintenance of locks

Why to repair locks?

All locks that are in use need maintenance. It is often forgotten to oil the lock cores. But lack of maintenance causes the early failure of the lock.


If you have lost your keys, or if the lock has broken, we recommend to dismount the problematic lock and visit our specialists.




We will give you free advice on which is the best solution in the given situation. Sometimes it is possible to fix an expensive lock by replacing or repairing a simple detail.


As the repair costs money, it is often cheaper to buy a new lock to replace the broken one. But we can say this more precisely only after we have evaluated the condition of your lock.


NB! For making the key after the car lock, it is necessary to dismount the respective lock oneself (it would be very good if you can bring both the ignition lock and door lock with you).It is possible to make the key faster after the door lock but in the ignition keys of most makes of cars there have been used more pins than in door locks.