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Locksmith handimen help to install new lockAre you searching for a lock together with the installation?


Installation of locks

If you do not know how to install and need advice, ask handymen to help you.


We will come and install the locks, and also give a two-year guarantee for the installation.


Then you can be sure that the locks have been installed by experts and in a way prescribed by the manufacturer.


Repair of locks and advice on locks

Isn’t it distressing when the lock does not function or if keys are missing?


Main reasons for the failure of locks are a bad installation, wrong use, inadequate maintenance, making substandard extra keys or using the wrong lock in a wrong place.


If you have problems with a broken lock, we can definitely help you. We repair all locks that can be and that are “worth” mending.


Our expert can come and solve the problem but you can also dismount the lock yourself and it will be repaired in our stores.

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